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The IDARE Life Elite Coaching  is a results-based life coaching program. It is designed specifically for families and individuals who want a different approach to achieving health, personal and professional success. Family is defined in the way that suits your family structure.



The IDARE Life Elite Coaching  is a results-based life coaching program. It is designed specifically for families and individuals who want a different approach to achieving health, personal and professional success. Family is defined in the way that suits your family structure.

The program sees families as unique no matter the makeup or challenges they might face.  By using powerful coaching families are given the opportunity to experience why each of us was born to live our best life. One of the most important benefits you will gain from working through this program is the knowledge that you can live your best life possible, and the confidence to achieve this.

Payment is monthly, contact us to discuss a payment plan.

5 reviews for IDARE™ Elite Coaching Monthly

  1. KD

    Phyllis’ consistent positivity combined with her intelligent insights and determined spirit to keep you working towards your stayed goals make her an excellent coach. She has a wide variety of tools at her disposal and combines these with caring, honest, and practical recommendation for her clients.


  2. Holly Thede

    I would have to say that I tremendously enjoyed my Essential Coaching Skills course that I participated in with Phyllis Reid- Jarvis. Every one of Phyllis’s teachings was full of passion, knowledge, creativity and productivity. Every student in the class was involved and interested in the material being presented, and each person walked out with much more than they walked in with. The information taught was practical, relatable and transferable. The connections that were made in this group of students must also be acknowledged, as there was a strong sense of team and authenticity that was always present. Not a day goes by that I don’t reflect on either someone I had connected with or something that I had discovered from this coaching class.

    Holly Thede

    Human Resources Assistant

    Pulford Community Living Services Inc.

  3. J. Winter

    Phyllis is very friendly and professional. Her knowledge of healthy eating has really helped me focus on my goal of lowering my cholesterol. I also liked that we were able to do all the consultation over the phone. Her flexible format was very much appreciated. I highly recommend her services.

    J. Winter

  4. C.Dorge

    Submitted on 2015/04/22 at 5:16 am

    I learned of I DARE at church one Wednesday night. It spoke of many things I was praying for. A better life, “the best life”. My life was good but I knew in my heart there was more for me. That God wanted more for me and my family.

    I once struggled with Depression and social anxiety that burdened my life and my children’s. When I came to know Christ and his love at Bethel community church through his beautiful influences and Alpha I was healed. I was becoming stronger, happier and fearless, able to interact with others knowing I was loved and saved through Christ. That his love was perfect and more than enough.

    I am a child of God through the Grace of God. The fear that took over my life was dwindling and I was taking bigger bolder steps through Christ. There were still times when my reactions to situations or towards people were still unhealthy and hurtful. Times when I would not have the oomph to get out of bed for days because I felt stuck and wanted more to my life. Or because had to deal with the financial mishaps I got myself into. I knew I was not depressed or anxious because those days are gone. This was different, I knew I could get up and would eventually.

    My friends and family would worry about me and I would say I’m fine, I’m always okay because he who is in me is stronger than he who is in this world. I often prayed Lord God heavenly father I want to Change, I know you want more for me. I want to stop messing up my finances, you always give me enough and I mess it up and still it works out but I want out of this cycle. I want to keep my mouth closed when it needs to be closed and speak uplifting, encouraging words rather than defensive hurtful ones. I have awful sinful dreams that occur when I sleep and I want them gone. I have loved ones in my life that are suffering with Depression and other mental illness. I want to help them by being loving and enriching rather than avoiding them.

    I prayed something like this the day Phyllis Reid Jarvis presented I Dare life Ministries. It was like God saying here you go, this is for you Cheryl. I instantly signed up.
    The program was every Tuesday night for some weeks. My life changed for the best each and every session. I learned that it was habits that I had been doing constantly for years that brought me to crashing and sleeping for days. I learned so much about myself and recognized many unhelpful habits I had that prevented me from having my best life. I am now learning ways to create new and healthy habits that are moving me closer to my best life.

    That my old habits will grow over and disappear as I willingly stay consistent to my new healthy ones. The IDare power tools helped me create a successful budget plan. I am almost completely out of debt and am moving forward to filling my savings account. I haven’t been scrambling about money since I created this plan. I have had a couple miniature bumps and have been using the tools I learned to smooth them over. My relationships with my family and co-workers have been blooming more than ever. I see way less of my lower self and an incredible amount of my higher self.

    I have learned how to become a better listener and coach. (I can go on and on for days) I Dare Life Ministry material and Phyllis Reid –Jarvis is powerful and life changing. I personally feel like I have been replaced with a brand new brighter light bulb. My relationship with God, others and myself has immensely improved. I am healthier as a whole; spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.
    The I Dare life ministry has blessed me with tools that will bring me and keep me in my best life, the life I was made to live. The way my thoughts and mind process has changed is remarkable, many unwanted thoughts have been switched off with the knowledge and information I have received through reading the material and discussions during the program.

    I recommend anyone who is having any kind of struggling reaching their best life to give Phyllis Reid Jarvis a call.


  5. M. Simmons

    IDARE Life Ministries has changed my life! All my life I have struggled
    with setting and achieving goals. Since I’ve been blessed with the
    opportunity to be a part of this life changing program, I have seen big
    changes in my perspective and thought process which are enabling me to
    obtain goals I had long thought were unattainable.

    I am still on the journey, moving forward each day with great anticipation to see the results!
    Thanks to Phyllis and her desire to share her knowledge, many people will be

    M. Simmons, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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